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Grade 7

Seventh Grade

Seventh graders experience science and history through cause and effect, objectively, and through subjective experience.
Seventh graders experience science and history through cause and effect, objectively, and through subjective experience.

Students in seventh grade see the world in terms of right and wrong and cause and effect, which makes this an ideal time to study subjects in which these polarities are important. Chemistry, astronomy, and physics allow the students to look at opposites objectively. History and social studies follow the Renaissance, Reformation, and the history of Islam through poetry, art, and inventions. Students also explore the world of subjectivity through creative writing. Research writing is deepened in the areas of science and history.

Seventh graders connect their understanding of historical events to the context of life in Renaissance societies by constructing a shirt using technology and techniques from the 1400’s. Each student uses natural dyes to color their cloth, then rips and sews a shirt by hand. This integration of the artistic with the academic helps students understand that knowledge in one area impacts other areas as well. Seventh graders study the enormous impact of science on textile production and how we make the things we use in our daily lives.

More individual attention is given to math in seventh grade. Students are grouped based on their ability to shift from concrete to abstract concepts. Algebra begins in seventh grade and by the end of eighth grade most students will have completed Algebra I.

“My daughter gained a love of science through her study of optics in seventh grade at WSB. Her passion for scientific exploration just keeps growing!”
— Carol Devecka, mother of 2013–2014 seventh grader

Art focuses on the masters of the Renaissance, and students learn to draw beautiful recreations of famous works. Through this they learn to reproduce the proportion of the human figure, and how light and perspective work together.

Theater productions become more sophisticated, and students work on all aspects of stagecraft.

Seventh graders showcase their increasingly sophisticated musical talents at schoolwide events, such as the eighth grade graduation ceremony. This important event is a time to honor friends who are going on to high school, and have a peek into what lies ahead for them.

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