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Pasta power: Event challenges teams to aim higher with spaghetti, marshmallow structures

Waldorf School of Baltimore students Ryleigh Poole (8th grade), Madeline Martak (7th grade), and Ashley Passmore (6th grade) took home first place in Johns Hopkins' annual Tower of Power competition. Team Waldorf's tower measured 4 feet, 6.5 inches tall, besting a team of Johns Hopkins University undergraduates. Poole, Passmore, and Marsak celebrated their victory by gleefully stomping on their structure!

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Eighth Grade Graduation - June 9

class of 2016

The Waldorf School of Baltimore is honored to celebrate our class of 2016 at the Eighth Grade Graduation on Thursday, June 9th at 1:30 p.m. Join us for an inspiring ceremony, including musical performances by the class of 2016.

The graduation will take place at 4701 Yellowwood Avenue Baltimore, MD 21209. A reception will immediately follow ceremony in the Tamarind Building. For more information call 410-367-6808.


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Middle School Visiting Day - March 4

visiting day

Explore Waldorf at our Middle School Visiting Day on Friday, March 4.  The Our Middle School curriculum addresses the beginning of student reasoning capacities. Adolescents move from being mostly active discoverers of the world with the class teacher’s guidance toward greater critical thinking. More and more, they engage in dialogue and synthesize information from varied sources to draw their own reasoned conclusions.

American Education Week 2015: Thank You to Donald Bufano

American Education Week.

In honor of American Education Week (November 16-20, 2015), the Waldorf School of Baltimore would like recognize and celebrate Donald Bufano, 8th grade Class Teacher, for ensuring that our students have a transformative educational experience. Mr. Bufano has been a key figure in the global Waldorf community for over 40 years, with the last 10 working at WSB in various key positions. He is well loved and respected by students, parents, faculty and staff alike. 



"The Miracle Worker" showing April 17-18

The Miracle Worker

Every year, the 8th grade class at the Waldorf School of Baltimore performs a full-length play. It is the culmination of plays for the class. What makes it different from the plays performed in the lower grades is the significant time, planning, and teamwork needed to pull it off.

Parents in the News: All Parents Evening

2015 All Parents Evening

Last Wednesday evening, January 28th, our All Parents Evening started quietly with everyone enjoying snacks and conversation, in the lobby, until the bell rang and parents hurried off to class. So began a busy evening of experience, explanation and understanding. The Mini Main Lesson period with Class Teachers was followed by different subject classes – Library, Handwork, Eurythmy, Orchestra, Music, and Spanish.  

"Sex and Sensibility": Parent Education Speaker Series

"Sex and Sensibility"

Parents join us Thursday, February 19th at 7:00pm; with guest speaker, Debbie Roffman, to discuss Sex and Sensibility.

This talk will focus on sexuality through the lens of the "five universal needs" of children and adolescents across the developmental spectrum. Additionally, we will cover the five corresponding roles for the adult nurturers in their lives.

Parent Education Speaker Series: “Children and Social Media in the Age of Handheld Devices”

Parent Education Speaker Series

Parents join us for an inspiring discussion Thursday, January 15th from 7:00-8:30pm with guest speaker, Alecia Berman-Dry, to discuss Children and Social Media in the Age of Handheld Devices. This discussion will delve into some very provocative and possibly worrisome topics that all modern parents must be informed about.