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Grade 8

Eighth Grade

Eighth graders at Waldorf rise to their responsibilities as leaders of the school community.
Eighth graders at Waldorf rise to their responsibilities as leaders of the school community.

Eighth Grade is the culmination of the middle school experience and a transition to high school beyond Waldorf. In preparation for challenges ahead, the scope and expectations of research projects intensify. Students write a paper or conduct a research project for every unit of study. They focus on learning to discern reliable sources of information and sharpen their time management skills. Note taking, and how to use those notes to compose essays and prepare for tests, is covered in depth. This ability to document and translate information into original thoughts is an essential 21st century skill.

Because students at this age are interested in the present and how it may affect the future, their history study focuses on study modern times. In science, they learn about meteorology, hydrodynamics, and carbon chemistry, all subjects that are fast moving, living, and useful. Science also engages eighth graders’ natural interest in themselves through a study of anatomy and physiology. An informed and honest discussion of health, nutrition, hygiene, drug awareness, and sex education help students prepare for healthy decision-making in their lives.

Orchestra takes on more importance as the eighth graders often assume the lead roles. In art, lines become harder, edges are more defined, and exactness is identified. Modern art and individual projects inspired by self-image are explored. In theater, students stage full productions with multiple performances to which the broader community is invited.

At Waldorf, eighth grade is a position of leadership, and our eighth graders take this seriously, rising to the occasion as role models for younger students. This can be seen time and again throughout the year at festivals, assemblies, and on sports fields.

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